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Are you seeking an opening at jobs at university hospital in Dubai? Fakeeh University Hospital offers a variety of opportunities for employment that range from non-medical and medical positions to administrative and managerial posts. As a hospital that is committed to providing the best quality of healthcare, Fakeeh University Hospital is an excellent place to start your career in healthcare. Learn more about job openings and the reasons why this might be the ideal chance for you!

If you’re considering working for Fakeeh University Hospital Jobs Fakeeh University Hospital Job Opportunities in Dubai It is recommended that you go to their website to find out more about the organization as well as job opportunities. Fakeeh University is always looking for highly skilled individuals to become part of the team. They offer excellent advantages, a positive working environment and high-paying wage.

In Fakeeh University Hospital, you are an integral part of a group comprised of highly trained specialists and professionals who work to ensure the highest level of medical care to patients. Fakeeh University Hospital also encourages an appropriate balance between work and life and provides essential resources that ensure staff members can concentrate on their work but still have a great time in their living.

Jobs Information: Fakeeh jobs at university hospital

Hospital Name Fakeeh University Hospital
Job Site Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Nationality Selective Nationality
Education Equivalent degree/diploma holders
Experience Mandatory
Salary Interviewer discusses the topic during interview
Benefits As per UAE labor law
Type of job Full-Time

Fakeeh jobs at university hospital

jobs at university hospital 2023


About Fakeeh:

Fakeeh University Hospital delivers the highest quality outcomes to patients by utilizing cutting-edge technological advancements and the academic strength. It is based on an integrated healthcare system, the hospital gives patients the experience of more than forty years of caring and is part of the famous Fakeeh Care group based in Saudi Arabia.
We advocate a non-smoking space throughout the hospital. Being a top hospital located in Dubai our hospital has the obligation to create an environment that is healthy and secure environment for our patients to receive treatment, and also for the staff to perform their jobs effectively.

Fakeeh University Hospital is made by healthcare professionals who are similar to one another who share a common objective, that is offering high-quality medical care to the people across the globe. The staff of Fakeeh University Hospital is dedicated and have decades of experience in as well as outside of the United States. They’re competent, caring and truly concerned about the health of your patients. Fakeeh University Hospital is a digital hospital that has complete electronic medical records that support improvement in the effectiveness and quality of medical services to patients as well as the public as a whole. In addition, we have an effective emergency department.

Pay and Benefits Of Kuwait City Careers;

  1. Payscales which are comparable
  2. High-paying rewards for performing
  3. an extensive variety of health and medical insurance
  4. The opportunities to train and develop professionally growth
  5. Positive workplace atmosphere
  6. Development opportunities for professionals and advancement
  7. Wellness initiatives for employees
  8. If you are a top performer, awards can be awarded.

The Qualifications of the Kuwait Municipality Careers

  • Academic experience relevant and degrees
  • Previous experience in similar industries Experience with local laws and regulations
  • Communication and interpersonal skills that are strong.
  • Collaboration skills, teamwork and mastery of tools and programs that are required
  • Skills for problem-solving and decision-making
  • The ability to adapt to changing situations and Priorities
  • The commitment to academic and moral principles.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply

  1. Education: Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree from the relevant field. The preference is given to applicants who have postgraduate degrees including the master’s degree from related fields.
  2. Experience: Candidates must possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience within medical fields.
  3. Medical specialists must have a license to practice medicine in the country they reside in or the country in which they are based.
  4. Language: Medical professionals are required to be fluent in English as well as Arabic.
  5. Physical Fitness: Medical professional must take a physical examination and must be in good physical shape.

Salary & Benefits

Fakeeh University Hospital offers competitive wages and benefits for each of its positions. Employers receive an excellent compensation and benefits package which include dental, health and vision assurance, retirement savings plans with paid holidays, vacation time, as well as other benefits. They also get a highly competitive structure for bonuses and an ideal work-life harmony. Apart from these benefits, Fakeeh offers employees a wide range of learning and development opportunities that help them reach the goals of their careers.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For

The criteria to be eligible to be considered for Fakeeh University Hospital jobs depend upon the specific job as well as the specific conditions. In general, candidates must possess an official professional license that is valid as well as relevant skills and experience along with a diploma from an accredited university. Furthermore, they are also required to satisfy particular requirements like the ability to type, language proficiency and technical proficiency. Fakeeh University Hospital also encourages applicants to display leadership qualities as well as initiative as well as a dedication to high-quality and superior performance.

How do I apply to Fakeeh jobs at the University Hospital?

For a chance to apply for a job to work at Fakeeh University Hospital, you must visit their official website. There, you can search at their job opportunities. It is also possible to search for jobs on websites like Indeed as well as Monster. When you have found the job that you’re interested in, forward your resume along with a cover letter and other documents required for the institution. Also, you should sign up to the portal for jobs at the hospital to keep up-to-date on jobs or opportunities that are posted. When your application is accepted and reviewed by the team responsible for recruitment at the hospital and you’ll be contacted in the event that you’re selected to be interviewed.

Liste Of Fakeeh University Hospital Careers In Dubai (New Jobs):

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