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Etoile Group Careers; new positions

Etoile Group, a dynamic and ingenuous company offers an array of exciting opportunities for career advancement throughout a range of industries. If you’re seeking to elevate your professional career to a new level, Etoile Group is the ideal place for you. We are a firm believer in diversity and talent which makes it a great job for those who are driven to excel. No matter if you’re an established professional or just starting out your job, we’ve got job opportunities that match your abilities and aspirations. Our dedication to advancement and growth is unmatched. Do not miss this opportunity to be part of an organization that is thriving. Join now to secure a brighter future by joining Etoile Group. Your path to success begins today!



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Job Descriptions: Etoile Group Careers

Name of the Company Etoile Group
Job Place Dubai, Qatar & Bahrain
Nationality Any nationality
Education A comparable degree or diploma
Experience Mandatory
Salary Range Awe-inspiring Salary
Benefits Standard Benefits

Etoile Group Careers

Etoile Group Careers 2024

More About Etoile Group Jobs:

Inseparable Middle Eastern and global luxury fashion houses since 1983, Etoile Group has been prominent within the Middle Eastern’s exclusive market. Etoile Group’s regional headquarters boast the services of a dedicated team that provide unparalleled knowledge as well as a personalized style to the most sought-after premium fashion and lifestyle labels. With over forty years of experience and a solid foundation, we’ve established ourselves within the Gulf market. This includes an extensive presence across areas such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Lebanon.

Etoile Group takes great pride in its role as a pioneer as a leader in the Middle East’s premium fashion retail market. We’ve earned ourselves a respectable name as an ambassador of fashionable experience and unwavering quality.

Salary and Benefits Etoile Group Careers;

Etoile Group recognizes the value of its staff and provides an attractive salary and a full benefits package. Our dedication to employee well-being is reflected in health and wellness pension plans, benefits as well as professional growth opportunities and many more. We’re committed to creating positive and enjoyable workplace that allows members to achieve excellence in their professions. When you join Etoile Group, and you’ll not only be able to find exciting possibilities for your career but also an underlying commitment to your success overall and happiness. We truly appreciate your dedication We put our money into the future of your career.



Job Listings At Etoile Group Careers (New Positions) (New Jobs):

  1. Stock Keeper/ Helper – Ralph Lauren
  2. Omni-Channel Project Lead
  3. Operations Manager CHANEL
  4. Wholesale Operations Executive – Ralph Lauren
  5. Sales Manager Jewellery CHANEL
  6. Learning Manager – CHANEL
  7. Boutique Manager – CHANEL – Bahrain
  8. Sales Manager – Fashion – CHANEL
  9. Client Experience Manager – CHANEL

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Make an outstanding resume: Unlock access to our CV templates that will help you improve your job design and shine.

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How Do I Apply to Etoile Group Jobs?

The process of applying to Etoile Group Careers is a easy procedure. Check out our official website go through our “Careers” section, then browse the jobs available. Find the one that matches with your talents and preferences as well as click “Apply now.” After that, you’ll be taken to our online applications portal which is where you will be able to upload your resume as well as any other pertinent documents. Be sure to provide complete and current details. Our team of recruiters will examine your application and if it meets the requirements, you’ll be called for a second assessment. Begin your journey to excellence with Etoile Group!

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