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Job description for cyber security instructor job cyber security instructor position

This is sharing the latest cyber security instructor jobs located in Islamabadin June 2023. The instructor will be in charge of the presentation of Cyber Security courses via live online training sessions as well as recorded ones that are suitable for beginners to professionals.



  • Report on students’ performance metrics
  • Participate in group discussions, demonstrations or activities and provide the opportunity for feedback and coaching during weekend days
  • Help students prepare for success by offering coaching throughout the course of their path to becoming the best problem solvers and thinkers.
  • Give students actionable feedback both hard and soft skills.
  • Be aware of trends in the industry related to Cyber Security
  • Take a part in the development of curriculum, and apply your knowledge gained through working with students in order to ensure that our curriculum is top-quality
  • Students are taught day-to-day with a carefully planned program, augmented by your personal experiences as a professional.
  • Participate in periodic project or curriculum development and also in curriculum improvement

Job Details

  • The total number of positions is 1.
  • Company Name: Jobskillshare
  • Company Abbreviation: Jobskillshare Cyber Company
  • Cities: Islamabad,
  • Salary Rs: 70000
  • Hours of operation: 4 hours
  • Max Age: 50 Years
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Source: Newspaper

Jobskillshare Cyber Company, abbreviated by the abbreviation Corvit offers an opportunity to work in one position within Islamabad, Pakistan. This job requires at least two years experience. It applicants must be between to the age of 50. Candidates will be employed all day, for four hours and earn a pay of the equivalent of Rs. 70,000.

This opening for employment was advertised in the local newspaper, making the job available to prospective people who want to join Corvit’s dynamic and creative workplace at Corvit. Corvit is a renowned cyber-related company, Corvit likely offers exciting possibilities for career advancement as well as development of your skills within the cybersecurity field.

Potential candidates should submit their applications promptly and ensure that they are able to meet the qualifications and age criteria specified. Corvit is a great place to work. Corvit is a fantastic job opportunity for people who want to contribute their knowledge in cutting-edge cybersecurity projects and join a well-known business situated in Islamabad.

Jobs Experience and Qualification

  • Experiential knowledge of Information and cyber security operations, governance, assurance and conformity
  • Cyber safety, certifications from a professional as well as education is highly desirable if you have knowledge of the job of a cyber security instructor
  • Information security knowledge and practices, including encryption applications, security for application test, penetration testing, as well as computer Forensics
  • Experience installing, maintaining and troubleshooting tips

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Cyber Security Instructor Job 2023

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